Moonlit Mermaid

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Beneath The Rowan Tree came up with a wonderful charity event idea, tagged True Colors . The theme? Get as many dyers together as possible, give them one colorway, in this case turquoise, brown and sand, and see what everyone comes up with. The dyer got to pick their charity of choice. At first I wasn’t sure if I would have time to participate, which really got me down (I hate to miss out on a chance to help out a charity), but I was so inspired by the theme, that I MADE time (those on the wait list, please forgive me!).

Here’s where my inspiration led me:
Moonlit Mermaid

I’ve obviously got mermaids on the mind, ever since I saw Heather Ross’ new Mendicino fabric line for Free Spirit. I love love love this new fabric line, and have decided to make a quilt for Eleanor using this very line and decorate her big girl room in that theme 🙂

For those that are interested, here’s what the applique looked like just before sewing it onto the cut of fabric to be sewn into a soaker

The charity I chose to represent was the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation . Why? Recently, on Hyena Cart , there were two charity raffles that deeply affected me, one for the Samuel Backus Family, and one for the Ethan Powell Family. Both families were devastated because their children had Leukemia, and I thought this was a small thing I could do in their honor.


Father’s Day Project

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Today, Marcie brought Madelaine over to play, and while we were at it, we all had a lot of fun painting a t-shirt for Daddy to wear on Father’s Day.

Back of Daddy's T-Shirt

Front of Daddy's T-Shirt

I took fabric paint, and painted each foot one at a time, and had them step on the t-shirt in various locations. The kids had a blast, and so did I.

Casualties 1 and 2 (Gilbert and Eleanor)

What I’m working on currently

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In progress:
Scarlet, I’m finishing your T-Shirt tonight, and your wristlet is already done
Heather, NTMT, shipped
Jennifer, NTMT in progress, 10% complete
Britton, your custom is in progress, 20% complete
Rebecca, NTMT, in progress, 10% complete

Comming up:
Melissa – Literary Dragon NTMT
Jenn – Mermaid NTMT, Aviary soaker/dress
Erika – Aviary Soaker
Teresa – AB Morning Glory NTMT
Kim – Japanese Orange Dobby NTMT


Here are pictures of in progress and recently completed works
Scarlet's Wristlet
Erin's Interlock Shorts
Erin's T-shirt with Dr. Seuss Applique

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